Wills and Trusts

Simple Wills

  • Determines the distribution of a decedent’s estate

Wills and Trusts for Parents with Minor Children 

  • Designate guardians of your children
  • Provide for a trust within the will, and a trustee who will make financial decisions to provide for support, educational and medical needs, and to safeguard life insurance and the parents’ estate for distribution when the children reach adulthood

Wills and Trusts, and Power of Attorney for Seniors

  • Establishing a trust avoids probate. One can establish a trust, and act as his and her own trustee directing and managing their own affairs while providing for distribution of the trust estate after death by a successor trustee.
  • Power of attorney gives another (usually an older parent’s designated child) person the legal right to handle his or her legal and financial affairs. The power of attorney can be established for an older parent to take effect at once, or take effect only after a doctor certifies incapacity (a springing trust).

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